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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Loose Talk

The current slanging match between Martin Amis and Anna Ford reminds me of Tina Brown's Loose Talk book launch at the Ritz Hotel during the late 70s. The late and lamented Marc Boxer told me off for printing something he said to me supposedly 'off the record' in my old Ritz gossip column.

Fashion note: In the pic (snapped by the 'ex-paparazzo' Richard Young) I was dressed in a new Cerutti suit which I had bought with the proceeds of writing the commissioned "Gossip" film treatment for the then movie producer Don Boyd.

I squired the film's scriptwriters, the LA based Tolkin Brothers: Michael (The Player) and Stephen all over London so that they both could research London's nightlife! Incidentally, Don didn't secure a bridging loan for the film which collapsed after two weeks of filming.


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